The Suspense is Killing Me!

The word has spread.

As of January 27th 2012, I will no longer be employed. Working. Well, working for money. I will no longer be working for money. *gasp* ”You’re quitting? In this economy!? You have got to be kidding?!” Nope. Not kidding you. I feel almost apologetic when I have to say it. I have a great job, doing great things with great people. I have everything one could want, or at least I could have everything if I just settled down and bought it.

“Oh my! What are your plans? Where are you going?” I get asked at least some variation of this everyday.

There isn’t really a simple answer. Honestly, I’m not quite sure yet. I am, however, living with intention, and that’s pretty time consuming in itself.

About this time next week, I’ll be moving out. The last of my stuff will  need to be sorted through and donated. There isn’t that much left, but I’m sure there is more than I imagine. I keep plotting homes for all of my remaining possessions. I’ll leave one box of keepsakes in Portland, put all my furniture at a friends house, give away my treasures as gifts and donate everything else.

After that, I plan to take up a sublet with my friends in a magical house near the center of the city. Unless of course, I get a bit impulsive and decide to follow my dad, brother & uncle to the Philippines in a couple of weeks. I can see myself doing that too.

But really, I kinda have my heart set on an extremely long-distance cycling adventure–camping and the whole works. There is something very romantic about such slow, deliberate travel. I’d need lots of supplies though. Can people register for things like this? Twenty-six years young and no wedding or babies. I should get to register for something, no?

I can see it now:

“You’re invited!

Amy is welcoming a new life into this world,

please join her in celebrating this miraculous event!

She is registered at Andy n’ Bax, Next Adventure

& the Adventure Cycling Association.”

Actually, that’s not a bad idea….

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