Bicycle! Bicycle!

  • If you keep at it, you will get better. It does get easier…eventually.
  • There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow, no matter how fast you can go.
  • There’s no need to curse your challenges, instead thank them for the opportunity. A car chasing you uphill is often good motivation.
  • You can always get better gear, but when it comes down to it, you will work with what you have, and its OK to be a little cold and wet every once and a while.
  • People may try to hit you or call you names, but grace is always appreciated. You don’t need need an obese man in a tiny Toyota Corolla trying to chase you down for giving him the the middle finger on your way to work or anything
  • If you work, shop & play close to home, you will meet your neighbors. That’s good for the soul.
  • Climate change is real. We can feel the exhaust from vehicles. Taste it, even. That can’t be good for anyone.
  • Food is Fuel. aka. You are what you eat. When you make your body your vehicle, you realize these cliches are no joke.
  • You will get a flat tire. Be prepared or be willing to walk.
  • You can do it. Seriously. Under any condition, through any obstacle– its just a matter of deciding that you MUST.

Ride bikes everyday!

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