Occupy Wall Street: Activism as Volunteer Work

As you can imagine, I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street protests in downtown New York, and it got me to thinking about activism as a form of volunteerism. Perhaps they are one in the same–two beasts from the same bushel. Donating your time to benefit the common good. Sounds about right.

Unfortunately, when you really get down to it, a lot of volunteer jobs should be well-paid and insured government jobs or something similar. If we had a tax structure that supported the community good instead of corporate interest, we’d all be looking a whole lot better. Lots of our hard work and dedication would be rewarded with, what it should be, money. Or perhaps even better: our schools & healthcare would be paid for, and would be able to free up our own resources to become donors & volunteers.

I’d have to say, that occupying downtown New York for 12 days now is quite a long-term volunteer experience.

And as follows, my volunteer project for the next couple months will be: Occupy Portland - beginning October 6th. I’ll be there. I’ll have to see who I can gather. I think this is a group volunteer activity.

activism is my rent for living on this planet” – Alice Walker